Ghoul School Deluxe Comic & DVD Collection (DVD)
CampComix 01

Camp Motion Pictures kicks off its horror comics series with Volume 1, the gore-tastic Ghoul School Comic and DVD collection!  Illustrated by radio personality and cartoonist Noel Scotch Anderson, the comic complements the do-it-yourself 1990 splatter-comedy gem Ghoul School in which two high school flunkies accidentally release toxic chemicals into a school’s water supply, turning everyone who comes in contact with the lethal brew into flesh-hungry members of the walking dead! The only hope for survival for this high school gone to hell is a pair of nerds and a talent-challenged metal band – if only they can make it out of lunch room in one piece. 

Featuring Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling, New York television personality Joe Franklin, and introducing Ivan Sergei (Charmed, The Break-Up). 

Ghoul School DVD includs the Feature Film Ghoul School (1990) Extras include GHOUL SCHOOL MAKING OF VAULT: - Original Fundraising Promo (1988) - Making of Ghoul School (1990) - DVD Cover Photo Shoot (2006) - Commentary Overload! (3 commentary tracks) SPLATTER UNIVERSITY VAULT: - Say No To Drugs (1987 - student gore film) - Halloween Tale (1987 – fundraising gore film) - Halloween Tale Bloopers - Halloween Takeover (1989 - local cable TV show) - Dead Weight (1990 - unreleased featurette) - CAMP MOTION PICTURES TRAILER VAULT

Release Date: 

February 28, 2018




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2.0 audio / 90 mins