Sarno Retrospect Vol 3 - Deep Throat Part II Collection Blu-Ray (Blu-ray)

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The screwball comedy, Pandora and the Magic Box (1965) introduced sexploitation auteur Joe Sarno’s unique take on Yiddish Theater to the raincoat crowd.  Sarno would bring this blend of broad farce and burlesque to the screen again in his madcap spy caper Deep Throat II (1974) and the ribald spoof, A Touch of Genie (1974), all included in this multi-film collection with bonus added feature The Switch (1974) 
Deep Throat II - When one of sex therapist extraordinaire Linda's patients turns out to be harboring the plans to a top-secret government computer, both the KGB and the CIA attempt to enlist Linda in their efforts to steal the data. Deep Throat II is an R rated satire of politics and porn, and the official sequel to the most profitable and infamous film in motion pictures history.
Pandora and the Magic Box - When King Minos discovers Theseus is on a mission to locate the rightful ruler of Greece, he sends his buxom servant Pandora to disrupt the search. Meanwhile, Zeus selects Theseus to protect a wooden box “full of trouble.”  Add a handful of Amazons and one king in drag, and you have Sarno’s zany spin on a classic Greek myth.

A Touch of Genie - Melvin Finklefarb just can’t catch a break. Until one afternoon, spent hiding in a New York Times Square porn theater, when Melvin stumbles across a genie in a bottle.  From then on, he’s only a wish away from living out his sexual fantasies as the biggest studs of the silver screen – if his mother would leave him alone, that is. Featuring rare comedic turns from adult film legends Harry Reems, Tina Russell, Eric Edwards and Ultramax. 

This newly remastered to HD collection includes liner notes by film historian Tim Lucase (Video Watchdog, Mario Bava's All the Colors of the Dark) 

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February 13, 2018




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16x9 / 2.0 Stereo / Deep Throat Part II Feature 84 mins / Screening Featurette (ATG 2007 Screening Featurette12 min 32 secs)/ Interview Featurette (Interview with director Joe Sarno and Actor Douglas Stone) 10 mins 23 secs / Deep Throat Part ll Trailer / Deep Throat Part ll Commentary with director Joe Sarno and actor Rick Livermore / Deep Throat Part ll Interview with director Joe Sarno / Pandora and the Magic Box Feature 86 mins / Pandora and the Magic Box Teaser / A Touch of Genie Feature 67 mins /A Touch of Genie Trailer / A Touch of Genie Screening Featurette / A Touch of Genie Interview Featurette