42nd Street Pete presents HIPPY HOOKER 1970 Grindhouse Triple Feature (DVD)

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42nd Street Pete presents Hippy Hooker Grindhouse Triple Feature!  Last viewed during their initial run in grubby storefront theaters of New York in the early-1970s, these three rare films are now available for the first time on DVD. DVD includes intro and 42nd Street anecdotes from the man himself – 42nd Street Pete!

Hippy Hooker (1974) – A long haired pot smoker confesses to his favorite girl that he’s been having nightmares about picking up a middle-aged hooker hooker hitchhiker. When the dream becomes reality and said hitchhiker smokes all of his weed, he makes her pay him back with sex! True California dreamin’ in this 1974 West Coast skin flick! (60 min)

Nattie’s Pleasure Palace (1975) The local land lord is priming his son to take over his vast estate but the young man has never been with a woman! One of his properties is Nattie’s Pleasure Palace – the local good-time brothel! Lot’s of mischief and sexy times to be had in this period piece set in the 1930s. (60 min)

The Girls From Wam-Bam (1975)  Two enterprising young woman “distract” local business men with sex while their boyfriends loot and clean-out the goods and cash. (60 min)

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September 12, 2017




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2/0 Stereo, 16x9, color, 180 mins run time