Land Shark (DVD)

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The newest movie by Mark Polonia, co-director of cult classic, Splatter Farm!

When Linda Regis, Director of Development at MALCO Oceanic Research, unravels a sinister plot to inject sharks with human DNA in the hope of creating a Super-Shark Super-Soldier, she becomes the target of a dangerous killer.  Meanwhile, MALCO’s DNA enhanced sharks, having discovered a way to slip past security, are busy honing their newly enhanced killer instincts both in and out of the nearby beaches. It won’t be long before local law enforcement and wanna-be sunbathers follow the carnage to it’s inevitable source, and the inevitable outcome of this insanity:  the monster of destruction, the human-shark hybrid LAND SHARK!

"Sometimes, when watching a movie, you just want to have fun. You want a break from the more serious, and for that there are films like the Polonia Brothers Entertainment affair Land Shark." -

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June 27, 2017




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612385321696 / 81 mins / 16x9 / 2.0 Stereo / Commentary track with Mark Polonia and Associate Producer Matt Watts Photo Gallery: 4 minutes Making of LandShark: 11 minutes