Killer Rack (DVD)

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From the director of Slime City comes a screwball horror comedy about a murderous set of monstrous mammaries: Killer Rack!
In a world that prizes breast size over accomplishments, Betty Downer just can’t get a break.  Scorned by her co-workers, ridiculed by her boyfriend and overlooked by her boss, Betty impulsively books breast enhancement surgery with the Elder Gods-worshipping Dr. Kate Thulu...and then all hell breaks loose!
Don’t miss the festival sensation Fangoria calls “funny” and “bloody” and 411mania calls “a wild and wicked horror comedy!” Winner of multiple awards including Outstanding Horror Comedy (Zed Fest).  Killer Rack!

“A wild and wicked horror comedy” –

"like the film baby of John Waters and Lloyd Kaufman" –

"Subtle?  No.  Funny?  Yes.  Bloody?  Hell yes!" – fangoria

"Killer Rack may be the wrongest horror film in the history of wrongness." io9

"Killer Rack is wildly entertaining." - Scare Tissue

"I could not stop laughing...4 out of 4 stars" - grossmoviereviews
"hardcore fans who follow this particular niche filmmaking will understand and enjoy the special effects puppetry, the outlandish absurdity, and the homage barrage of references." -
It’s fun, it’s gory, it’s slimy, and it has a pretty hot chick who gives a good performance in a duel role" -

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December 13, 2016




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16x9/ DVD/ 2.0 Stereo / Extras: Killer Rack Trailer/Behind the scenes/Deleted Scenes/Short film Kill the Bitch/Short film The Camper