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Starring Friday the 13th’s Tracie Savage, Ron Millkie, Paul Kratka and Chainsaw Sally’s April Burril
Alice Hardy had it all, until her new neighbors moved in.  Suddenly, missing students and a rising body count bring detectives, the police and crime dogs to her door.  Desperate to untangle all the secrets and lies, Alice turns her gaze onto family and friends… only to realize she might be next in line for murder. 
A non-stop thrill ride of plot twists and turns, The Bone Garden will keep you guessing until its shocking and bloody climax!  

"brings some alumni from the Friday the 13th series into a Hitchcockian tale of murder and deception in a small town. A macabre streak of dark humor and some effective sound design (love the buzzing nature sounds) give it some added texture, resulting in a fun little sleeper worth checking out on a dark, quiet evening" - Mondo Digital

"ark, horroresque crime thriller...if low-key yet grim suspense and tenebrous murder mystery suspense is your cup of tea, check out THE BONE GARDEN" - The Blood Shed

"sharp looking...whodunit with a mondo payoff and the denouement will be apparent to only the most eagle-eyed of observers" - Really Awful Movies
"plain old fashioned fun" and " I can't recommend this movie enough" 7/ 10 stars - Scared Stiff

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February 2, 2016




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2014 / 88 (118 trt) mins. / Horror / Color / Unrated / Region 0 / English SPECIAL FEATURES: Audio Commentary w/ Director Mike Gutridge; Bone Garden Trailer; Bone Garden’s Baltimore Premiere; Trailer Vault