Womens Prison Massacre (uncut) (DVD)

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All hell's breaking loose in the most gruesome "women behind bars" film ever made. Women's Prison Massacre is renowned Italian exploitation maestro Bruno Mattei's (Hell of the Living Dead) bloody sequel to his 1982 cult classic Caged Women. Also known as Emanuelle Escapes from Hell and Blade Violent, Women's Prison Massacre stars the beautiful Laura Gemser - notorious from several Emanuelle films. It is presented here UNCUT – Pre-Mastered in glorious Hi-Definition.

Investigative reporter Emanuelle (Laura Gemser) finds herself locked up in an all women penitentiary run by a ruthless female warden and her brutally sadistic guards. Vowing to exact revenge upon the corrupt politician who set her up, Emanuelle must first survive the daily torture and attempts at her life by grotesque prison bully Albina. Into this powder keg of smoldering sex and violence comes four bloodthirsty death row inmates. Blasting their way to a prison takeover, this quartet of psychotic criminals takes advantage of the all-female situation only to find they have bitten off more than they can chew. With the police launching an all-out assault upon the rampaging prisoners, Emanuelle battles to stay alive amidst the bloodshed and depravity...and the most horrifying game of Russian Roulette ever seen! 

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April 29, 2008




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Disc 1: WOMENS PRISON MASSACRE(1983) Feature Film 16x9 Anamorphic RETRO SHOCK-O-RAMA Trailer Vault Bonus Disc 2: WOMENS PRISON MASSACRE(1983)Feature Film 4x3 Aspect Ratio Bonus Feature Film: CAGED WOMEN (1982) 4x3 Aspect Ratio SHOCK-O-RAMA Trailer Vault Also Included: FULL COLOR BOOKLET Featuring Liner Notes DVD Release Date: April 29, 2008