Women In Prison Triple Feature: The Hot Box / Escape From Hell / Women In Cell Block 7 (DVD)

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Their Guns Are Hot and Their Bodies Are Hard! Three of the Most Shocking, Violent and Sexy Women-In-Prison Films You’ve Never Seen – only from Retro Shock-O-Rama Cinema!

The Hot Box - Four hot American nurses are kidnapped by guerrillas and forced to join the cause. As the junta strikes back, the ladies are caught in a deadly crossfire. A classic American WIP produced by Jonathan Demme (Caged Heat) and drive-in legend Roger Corman and starring the seductive Laurie Rose. The revolution never looked so sexy!

Women in Cell Block 7 -A Mafioso’s daughter goes undercover in a women’s prison to clear her father’s name. Stripped of all human dignity, the inmates submit to terrible tortures and sell their souls for a few hours of lesbian lust. A legendary Italian WIP featuring the super-sexy Anita Strindberg (The Eroticist) and the lovely Jenny Tamburi (Frankenstein: Italian Style).

Escape from Hell -The explosive tale of nubile women forced to work as slave labor in the jungles of Brazil. Beaten and tortured by their heartless captors, they endure every humiliation imaginable. Only the snake-infested jungle offers a glimmer of hope for survival. A super hardedge WIP by the legendary Edward Müller and starring transsexual bombshell Ajita Wilson.

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June 30, 2009




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