Who Wants To Be An Erotic Billionaire?

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ASeduction Cinema film JULIAN WELLS VIVICA TAYLOR WHO WANTS TO BE AN EROTIC BILLIONAIRE Produced by Michael Beckerman directed by John Bacchus Join beautiful host Remis Phildin (Julian Wells) for the sexiest, naughtiest, most uninhibited game show ever to hit prime-time! In Who Wants to be an Erotic Billionaire, lovely female contestants (Allison S, Bethany Lott) vie for not only a billion dollars, but the chance to slowly uncloth and then seduce Erotic Billionaire’s delectable hostess Bambi (Vivica Taylor). The rules of play? Each lucky and luscious player faces nine questions. With every right answer comes increasingly teasing and sensual foreplay with the ever-willing Bambi. When the final question is answered correctly, it’s time for the grand prize to be claimed - Bambi’s exquisite body and hot’n’heavy lesbian eroticism…oh, and a billion dollars. And when the game is over, it’s time for Remis to show you why she IS the host-with-the-most. She bares it all - offering every inch of her supple young body to the pleasure-soaked contestants and the exhausted, exhilarated Bambi. In Who Wants to be an Erotic Billionaire, everyone comes out a winner! DVD Bonus Materials: - Behind The Scenes - Trailers




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