Vampire Strangler 2-dvd Edition (DVD)

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Before Misty Mundae was a softcore star, the teenage actress and girl-next-door beauty went hardcore with a mind-blowing performance that must be seen to be believed! Vampire Strangler 2-DVD Collector’s Edition is the ultimate Mundae experience and a Misty lover’s wet dream come true. The restored and newly edited feature film has been approved by director William Hellfire and is packed with brand new materials including extensive liner notes and never-before-seen photographs. Just arrived from her native Romania, Lydia (Misty Mundae) moves in with her cousin Billy. Bursting with virginal allure, Lydia is endowed with a luscious body and an inviting mouth that beg to be ravished. It’s not long before Lydia succumbs to Billy’s taboo sexual advances and her own dripping desires. But while Lydia and Billy are in the throes of wild fornication, a deviant voodoo shaman mysteriously appears and utters an evil incantation. The curse transforms Billy into a vampire, and he immediately unleashes his unearthly bloodlust and super-sexual hunger…savagely having his way with Lydia with her screaming for more. Billy’s attack turns Lydia into an insatiable vampire, and it will be her delectable fate to stalk and seduce young female victims to fulfill her deepest, bloodiest, wettest fantasies. Disc 1 Features: - Vampire Strangler feature - Misty Mundae trailers - After Hours Cinema Trailer Vault Disc 2 Features: - VAMPIRE STRANGLER “lost” original opening - Never-before-seen Misty short MY PROPERTY (1998) - VIBRATING MAID (2001) short film - MY DATE WITH MISTY (2001) short film - VAMPIRE STRANGLER deleted scene - VAMPIRE STRANGLER isolated erotic scenes Plus full color booklet featuring liner notes and photos! DVD Release Date: February 5, 2008

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February 12, 2008




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