Trippin' (DVD)

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 When Good Buds Go Bad!

A “smart, dark and cunning” * horror film by award-winning independent film director Devi Snively, Trippin’  is a refreshingly ironic take on the classic ‘cabin in the woods’ scenario with a generous helping of drugs, sex and gore!    Told from the perspective of the sole survivor, six friends road trip to a remote cabin in the woods with deadly results.  A year later, the survivor meets director Devi Snively in a bar and offers the rights to his story for a case of beer and a role in the film.  Trippin’ is that film.  So prepare yourself for a little sex, a little gore, some good and bad times with some good and bad buds.  Think a bloodier The Big Chill for a Kevin Smith generation…with a puppet!  

Available for the first time to home entertainment, Trippin’ is presented with behind-the-scenes material and seven of the director’s acclaimed shorts, including Death in Charge (sponsored by AFI’s Directing Workshop for Women) and Last Seen on Dolores Street (Comic Con 2011 Short Film Showcase).   * Slammed and Damned    


"An often brutal, often hilarious take on the whole party folks roll into the woods and get killed spree.  Trippin’ is truly a masterpiece for the 420 generation." –  

“It’s funny as a comedy, sharp as social commentary and scary as a horror story, a success on every front…This deserves to succeed.” – Apocalypse Later “…a ramped-up riotous rock n’ roll weed treat with red hairs galore, some excellent gore and much, much more!” – Kotori Magazine  

“…campy as hell, full of drugs, gore, and sex, and loads of fun, but it never loses sight of the fact that interesting and ironic character dynamics are what make a film like this work... Trippin’ is horror, and it is a comedy, but it is also a smart, multi-layered film which manages to avoid the genre-pandering and other pitfalls that have come to define today’s horror-comedy genre.”  – Film Radar  





2011 / 88 mins., 209 mins. TRT / Horror / Color / Not Rated / 16x9, 4x3 / Region 0 / English / 2.0 Stereo and 5.1 Dolby Digital Stereo SPECIAL FEATURES: - “High Hopes” - Trippin’ Behind-the-Scenes -Welcome To Deviant Pictures” - “CZM! Making of a No Budget Zombie Flick” - Devi Snively Short Films Collection: Teenage Bikini Vampire / Confederate Zombie Massacre /Raven Gets A Life / Death In Charge / Meat Is Murder / I Spit On Eli Roth / Last Seen On Dolores Street /Trailers