Suburban Psycho Horror Collection: Psycho Sisters / Skin Crawl / Drainiac / Suburban Nightmare (DVD)

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Four feature films in one DVD collection!

Suburban Nightmare (2004) – All-American, loving couple Charles and Deborah Rosenblad are concealing a very dark secret.  Hidden in a basement filled with torture devices and human trophies lies their latest in a series of victims – a captive young girl.    “…one of the best independent movies to come down the pipe in a while.” The Video Graveyard “…blend tension, smart dialogue, and black humor perfectly” Video Graveyard “some of the best acting I’ve seen recently in Independent Horror." Horror Watch

Psycho Sisters (1998) – Traumatized siblings Jackie and Jane re-enter society after years of psychiatric rehabilitation only to continue their horrific spree of torture, murder and mutilation. 

Skin Crawl (2007) - Aided by his mistress, a greedy, philandering husband plans to murder his wealthy wife unaware the act will trigger a centuries-old curse of demonic retribution. “A twisted thriller with a bloody satisfying conclusion”

Drainiac (2000) –Julie Ashbrook and friends begin renovations on a run-down house in the rural New England countryside, only to be plagued by mysterious injuries and inexplicable occurrences culminating in an all-out demonic attack.    

DVD Extras include Deleted Scenes and Trailer Vault      




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