Three Wanna-be Gangsters... A Stripper with a Hotline to Hell...   Death. No Longer a Career Killer   Bored with booze, strippers and a little light armed robbery, Frank, Keno and Milton plan and execute the perfect bank heist – only to end up in the county morgue after a horrific car crash.     Fortunately, Frank’s latest sexual conquest is a demon-worshipping pole dancer with big plans for a trio of crooks who can’t be killed…because they’re already dead. Now, with an intrepid police detective hot on their rotting heels and a girlfriend from Hell pulling their strings, our criminal geniuses have their work cut out for them. If only they can keep from falling apart ... professionally and physically!      

"A morbidly hilarious outing...a worthy addition to any horror/comedy fanatic’s expansive library, particularly if they have a weakness for nudity, zombie-related humor, and necrophilia." –  
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"One slick, sardonic take on the exploitation genre with a wicked zombie hook." –  
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Alternative Cinema Exclusive: 

2010 / 188 mins. TRT / Horror, Comedy / Color / Not Rated / 4x3 / English / Region 0 SPECIAL FEATURES:Stiffed Commentary, Making of Stiffed, Interview w/ Director Billy Garberina, Dan and Bill Get Nerdy, Trailers