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Blood, crime, weed and moonshine prove a lethal combination in this wicked back-roads nightmare called STASH. Ole’ Bud’s a heavy-set bearded Marijuana grower from the hills of Eastern Kentucky. While Bud has a growing operation, this is not his only secret. Down in his damp, dark, blood-soaked basement is a darker and more sinister one… When two local would-be crooks hear that Bud’s leaving town for a few days, they hatch a plan to relieve him of 20 pounds of homegrown. But before they make out with the stash, Bud catches them red-handed and forces them into a bloody game or life or death. A game where drugs, kidnapping, torture and rape are only the beginning. "STASH is an unrelenting, nerve-wracking, and outstanding slice of urban madness. Slasher fans will not be disappointed!" -Tim Ritter, director of KILLING SPREE and TRUTH OR DARE DVD Contains: - STASH Feature Film - Two Commentary Tracks - Outtakes - Pownd Music Video Interview w/ Debbie Rochon - The Making of STASH DVD Release Date: March 10, 2009

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March 10, 2009




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