Splatter Beach 2-disc Edition (DVD)

The Polonia Brothers, creators of the shocking, extreme-gore cult classic Splatter Farm (1987), return with their newest horror film…the sun-, fun-, and gore-drenched Splatter Beach, co-starring renowned 'B' actress Misty Mundae (Masters of Horror "Sick Girl" / The Rage) and Erika Smith (Sexy Adventures of Van Helsing / Bite Me).

Something ancient lurks in the surf off Sea Bright Beach. It swims silently, walks upright and breathes air. It's also very, very hungry…and not for seafood anymore. Tonya, Rodney and Rupert are out-of-towners joining a crowd of young people gathered on the beach for an all-weekend music festival. Even after several townspeople are torn apart and devoured by the humanoid creatures, the partygoers remain oblivious to the horror that has risen up from the sea. They dismiss local girl Tess (Erin Brown) as a weirdo and refuse to heed her cries and warnings that monsters roam the beach, hunting for human flesh…and that hundreds of buried egg sacks are ready to hatch at any moment.

2-DISC EDITION CONTENTS: - Splatter Beach Feature Film - Commentary with Directors John and Mark Polonia with actor Ken Vansant - Profile: Polonia Brothers Entertainment - Splatter Beach Behind-The-Scenes - Bonus Feature Film: HALLUCINATIONS (Early Polonia Brothers Horror Feature) - Riptides Music Video by The Pink Delicates - Surfin' Cadaver Music Video by Jon McBride - Camp Motion Pictures' Young Filmmaker Profile: Anthony Polonia - Deleted Scenes and Extras - Camp Motion Pictures Trailer Vault - 2nd Disc CD SOUNDTRACK by The Pink Delicates and Jon McBride DVD Release Date: October 9, 2007 Re-Price Release: August 15, 2010

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October 9, 2007




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