Softcore Divas

Release Date: July 17, 2007  Re-Price Release: July 26, 2010 SOFTCORE DIVAS showcases popular Seduction Cinema and Cult Film stars Darian Caine (Play-mate of the Apes), A.J. Khan (Lord of the G-Strings), Lora Renee (WitchBabe), Jackie Stevens (Kinky Kong) and others, who discuss the intimate details of their lives and then get intimate with one another! Discover how these luscious ladies used their stunning beauty, performance and acting talents, hot young bodies, and naughty lesbian cravings to carve out a sizzling career in the softcore movie industry. All of their juiciest secrets and tastiest "assets" will be thoroughly revealed in this steamy, ultra-erotic, TELL-ALL, BARE-ALL, DO-ALL portrait of the most uninhibited babes in the late-night sexploitation biz. And just wait \'til you get a glimpse of what lies "behind the g-strings!" DVD Contents: - SOFTCORE DIVAS Feature - JACKIE STEVENS in "Raspberry Love" Erotic Short - Secrey Key RETRO-SHORT Bonus - Secret Key TRAILER VAULT ITEM: ske-dv-14 / UPC 878746001496




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