Slime City / Slime City Massacre Double Feature (Blu-ray)

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Ain’t it Cool News calls it, “the thinking man’s gross out film.”  Dread Central calls it, “a whole lot of ooze- dripping fun!”  Director Gregory Lamberson triples the ooze in this sequel to his 1989 cult hit Slime City, Slime City Massacre!
In a bombed out city, four fugitives stumble across the remains of a cult, accidentally consuming an elixir that transforms them into hideous, oozing slime creatures.   When real estate tycoon Ronald Crump hires mercenaries to wipe out the homeless population, an all-out war breaks out between the slime heads, cannibal mutants and hired killers – a bloody, merciless battle that will determine for once and for all, who will control Slime City.
Available for the first time in High Definition, Slime City Massacre stars Debbie Rochon, Roy Frumkes, Robert C Sabin and Mary Bogle.

             "a thinking man’s gross-out horror film" -
              "a whole lot of ooze-dripping fun." -
​              "(evokes) the Italian post apocalyptic movies of the ‘80s"​ -
             "  Slime City Massacre” is just as thoroughly entertaining and wrongly enjoyable, if not more so, as its 80’s-fueled counterpart" - 
"The disc has more stuff packed on it thanDebbie Rochon’s naked slime stomach in ‘Slime City Massacre’... - 3 1/2 out of 4 stars" - grossmoviereviews
"SLIME CITY is a perfect 80's horror film, full of gross, over the top gore...Both films look great on blu-ray" - Hayes Hudson's House of Horror
"a pair of fun films, a slew of special features and a very nice looking transfer on the more recent film make this release and easy recommendation." - Celluloid Terror
Winner of Best Feature - PollyGrind Film Festival, Best Actor, Kealan Patrick Burke - Pollygrind Film Festival, Best Actress, Debbie Rochon - Eerie Horror Film Festival,  Best Scream Queen, Brooke Lewis - B-Movie Awards​
Best Sequel or Remake - Polished Apple Awards

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December 13, 2016




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16x9/HD/ Blu-Ray/ 2.0 Stereo / Extras: Making Slime/Slime Heads/Slime City original trailer/Slime City Grindhouse Collection Trailer/Slime City 2006 trailer/Three director commentaries including ONE NEW/SCM trailer/SCM Behind the scenes/Interview with composer Mars/Slime City Survivor/SCM Deleted Scenes