Sleazy Sci-fi Of The 1970s (DVD)

Blast Off With This Super-Sexy and Insanely Hilarious Three-Film Collection of "B" Sci-Fi from the Sleazy 70''s!         

2069: A Space Odyssey –  Five sexy astronauts from the all-female planet Venus invade a town nestled at the foot of the Alps.  Their mission:  Seduce enough Earth-men to continue their race for another 10,000 years! 
Invasion of the Bee Girls – While investigating a series of mysterious deaths, an agent for the US State Department discovers a secret facility designed to turn women into deadly “Bee Girls”!  Campy, outrageous and filled with gratuitous nudity, Invasion of the Bee Girls is “Pure smutty fun from beginning to end” (  
Dr. Dildo’s Secret – Obsessed with the desire to create a perfect woman, a mad scientist grows facsimiles in his basement – and breathes them into life through sex! 

Release Date: 

June 15, 2010


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