Skin In The Sixties (DVD)

Secret Key Motion Pictures is thrilled to bring you SKIN IN THE SIXTIES - a collection of rare and forgotten grindhouse films featuring the never-before-released

THE MADAM (1969 - starring legendary buxom bombshell Uschi Digard) A biker, John, gives a ride to a hippie named Sissy, who offers the down-and-out drifter a job as bartender at her mother’s motel. John quickly discovers the motel is really a brothel and Sissy’s mom is the "Madam."
L'AMOUR DE FEMME (1969 - stars Cathy Adams) Lenore and Suzanne are swingin’ 60s chicks who share a swank apartment and a Lincoln Continental financed by their rich, bankrolling daddies. Not having to work gives them plenty of time to share their beds, too, and they make the most of that time and their lesbian inclinations by indulging in all manners of kinky eroticism.
​TAKE THEM AS THEY ARE (1970) Do drugs, have sex, go to jail. That’s the socially redeeming message and cautionary lesson put forth in this torrid tale of three horny, young couples who just can’t say "No!" to drugs…or good, clean, orgiastic fun.

DVD CONTENTS: - PEEP SHOW HISTORY Mini-Documentary - THE MADAM Feature Film - L’AMOUR DE FEMME Feature Film - TAKE THEM AS THEY ARE Feature Film - FULL COLOR BOOKLET with Liner Notes - Secret Key TRAILER VAULT




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