Skin In The Fifties (2-dvd Collection) (DVD)

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A rare and never-before-seen collection of 1950s Erotica on 2 DVDs, featuring the “lost” 1956 sexploitation feature, The Flesh Merchant, re-mastered from newly discovered film elements, and over 20 burlesque and coin-op nudie loops featuring ‘50s sexpots Virginia Bell;, Chen and Stacy Farrell.

The Flesh Merchants - Naïve and penniless, Nancy arrives in Tinseltown with hopes of becoming a model like her older sister Paula, but soon finds she will need to barter her body to survive. After long-hours and little pay as a nude model and country club “hostess” for a nefarious pimp named Mr. Sokol, she settles into a life of high class prostitution. But Nancy isn’t quite defeated, and – joined by her sister Paula – she turns on Sokol in a climactic ending that shocked audience in its time! 

BONUS! - Skin in the Fifties: The Loop Collection. Over 20 burlesque and coin-op nudie loops featuring Virginia Bell, Chen, Stacy Farrell and many more! DISC 1 Features: - Restored Version of Film - Extended Scenes DISC 2 Features: - SKIN IN THE FIFTIES Loop Collection - BOOKLET featuring Stills and Liner Notes DVD Release Date: January 8, 2008




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