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Veteran horror master Brett Piper (Screaming Dead, Bite Me) unleashes his newest mad creation - a gruesome, grotesque, horror comics-inspired monster movie adventure. Shock-O-Rama drips with bone-chilling terror and unearthly monstrosities and delivers it all with the outrageous special fx for which Piper is renowned.

When popular horror actress Rebecca Raven (Misty Mundae) gets the axe from the 'B' movie studio that made her a household name, she travels to the country for some rest and relaxation... and a bloody confrontation with a flesh-starved zombie hungry to bite off more than it can swallow. Meanwhile, the frantic studio executives must rummage through past productions to find a sexy new star for their next film, and they come across two fright flicks that may offer a solution. Mechanoid features tiny, killer aliens - on the run from intergalactic police - that crash-land in a New Jersey salvage yard and battle its pissed-off proprietor with a 50-foot-tall creature borne of scrap metal and junked parts. In Lonely Are the Brain, an over-sized, under-stimulated hunk of evil gray matter experiments on beautiful young women for the sole purpose of experiencing human sensual pleasure. Does either film star the next "Rebecca Raven," who could soon be nothing but zombie left-overs? Don't turn to the next page just yet...


“Reminiscent of Sam Raimi’s early work” – DVD Late Show

“One hell of a good time” – Gates of Gore

“Turns the horror genre on its head” – B-Scared
“Creepy, erotic and bloody…visceral thrills” – Film




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2005 / 180 mins/ / Horror / Color / R / 1.78:1 / Region 0 / English SPECIAL FEATURES: DVD Behind-The-Scenes Documentary - Interviews - World Premiere Documentary - Producer/Director Commentary