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AC Exclusive...FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY...Get a Shock Festival DVD autographed by Shock Festival artist and author Stephen Romano!

If you think you’ve seen it all, think again… 

A 3-Disc Audio and Video Exploitation Extravaganza Featuring Over 7 Hours of the Most Rare and Unusual Exploitation Trailers, TV Ads and Radio Spots from the Age of GRINDHOUSE CINEMA! Plus original new content inspired by the amazing fictional b-movie world of Stephen Romano’s exploitation novel, SHOCK FESTIVAL.

Take a wild journey through the exploitation movie scenes of the 1970s and 1980s with this collection of hundreds of actual previews of coming attractions, television commercials and radio spots for the sleaziest, sexiest most off-the-wall films ever made - all digitally re-mastered from Original Film Elements.    

Brand New Media Inspired By the Best, Worst and most Outrageous Trailers From Horror and Exploitation Cinema Contributed By: Michael Gingold, Stephen Romano, Nicanor Loreti, Adrian Santiago, Chris LaMartina, Paige Kay Davis, Richard Griffin, David Hartman, Dave Neabore, Victor Bonacore and German Val. Classic Media Contributors Include: Blue Underground, Grindhouse Releasing, Media Blasters and Shock-O-Rama Cinema 

"You will love this release!" – zombiesdontrun.

"Stephen Romano Presents: Shock Festival goes above and beyond the call for a trailer compilation, with care taken in presenting the best quality 35mm trailers around. You'll see many of your favorites, and many from movies you've never heard of - about the only thing you won't see are a ton of chop-socky trailers, there are some, but not many. In all, you get about 150 horror and exploitation trailers and TV spots, not to mention over 300 radio spots in MP3 format ("Black Caesar - he comes to bury YOU!"). In depth, thoughtful commentary tracks, a low MSRP, and more additional goodies than you can shake a severed limb at mean - as far as trailer collections go - that Romano's earned the highly coveted DVD Talk Collector Series rating. Way to go, ghoul!" – 

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February 9, 2010




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DVD Set Features: -Over 7 hours of the most rare and unusual exploitation trailers, TV ads and radio spots from the age of GRINDHOUSE CINEMA! -Over 4 Hours of the most unique, amazing and outrageous exploitation and horror trailers from the 1970s and 1980s! -Interview with Independent International Pictures President Sam Sherman Commentary tracks by Stephen Romano and Uncle Creepy -Audio disc containing over 3 hours of exploitation radio spots plus original music on MP3s, ready to plug into your iPod, computer or CD player! -Bonus Collector’s Poster with Original Artwork by artist and author, Stephen Romano! -Shock Festival image gallery! -All New Posters!