Sarno Retrospect Vol 1 - Vampire Ecstasy / Sin You Sinners (DVD)

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Magic amulets and occult rituals link Vampire Ecstasy and Sin You Sinners, two seminal films from the master of psycho-sexual cinema, Joseph W. Sarno. 

Dripping with gothic atmosphere, Vampire Ecstasy (1973) is Sarno’s mesmerizing foray into the horror genre. When a trio of beautiful young women journey to their ancestral home to claim an inheritance, they fall prey to a coven of witches’ intent to reincarnate their deceased vampire leader.  

In the hypnotic noir Sin You Sinners (1963), a medallion forged in a voodoo ritual sustains an exotic dancer’s youth and beauty. When her jealous daughter and employer hatch plots to steal the amulet for themselves, it sets off a chain of events ending in murder.

Newly restored to High Definition from the original film elements and featuring liner notes by film scholar Tim Lucas, Vampire Ecstasy / Sin You Sinners is the first entry in a new series celebrating the films of one of the most gifted pioneers of the sexploitation genre.  

Extras Include: German Vampire Ecstasy Trailer / English Vampire Ecstasy Trailer / Sin You Sinners Trailer / Full Color Booklet with Essay by Film Critic Tim Lucas / "A Touch of Horror" Interview with Joe Sarno / Interview with Producer Chris Nebe and Joe Sarno, Vampire Ecstasy commentary with Producer Chris Nebe /

Volume 1 in the Joseph W. Sarno Retrospect Series

"Two supernatural films from Joe Sarno, one of the most enduring names in softcore American and European cinema, collide for the first time in a Blu-ray release that marks the first in an onging series of the filmmaker's major works in glorious high definition...Both Sarno films are given their best release to date courtesy of the 2016 Blu-ray, the first in a "Joe Sarno Retrospect" line from FilmMedia distributed through Film Movement. Vampire Ecstasy looks very impressive,The package also comes with liner notes by Video Watchdog's Tim Lucas, who lays the groundwork for Sarno's entry into filmmaking and covers the genesis of both films as well as their similarities, particularly the pivotal use of medallions. Bring on volume two!" -

"an engaging slice of sex and blood cinema...pretty decent upgrades over previous editions of both films. Vampire Ecstasy remains a compelling slice of sex and blood tinged gothic horror while Sin You Sinners is just kind of nuts. Here’s hoping more volumes in this series will be coming soon!" -

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October 25, 2016




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1973/1963/ 103 mins / 73 mins / 16x9 SD / 2.0 Stereo