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Rock n Roll Never Dies…It Just Gets Resurrected!
DVDTalk called it, “an instant exploitation classic.”  Filmthreat exclaimed, “a classic piece of B-Movie Entertainment.”  The official selection of over 20 international film festivals and winner of Melbourne Underground Film Festival’s “Most Gratuitous Violence” Award, Brian O’Hara’s 1999 horror-comedy Rock n Roll Frankenstein is now available to home entertainment for the first time in its native 16x9 aspect ratio.
After music agent Bernie Stein loses his last act, he decides the only way to a better life is through the grave…the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame graveyard, that is.  Together with a burned out roadie and a mad scientist, the motley crew set out to build the perfect Rock n Roll Superstar from the remains of dead rockers.  Assembling parts from Elvis, Hendrix, Sid Vicious and others, soon enough the monster is ALIVE!  But things go bad when Liberace's love tool mistakenly ends up in the mix. Equipped with the head of Elvis and the junk of Lee, a schizo relationship develops between the monster and his privates.
Hilarious, tasteless and chock-full of gratuitous violence, Rock n Roll Frankenstein is a “a cult item for movie-goers in search of politically incorrect, mind-warping laughs.”-- Fangoria

“Badass underground filmmaking at its best. And a must see." - Film Threat
“Peppered with drugs, gooey effects, and songs like ‘Boner Blues’, this is a hilarious trash classic.” - Shock Cinema
“The greatest despicable film I've ever seen.” - New York Press
 “Taking camp and political incorrectness to the next level...” - Hollywood Online

" the superior 2015 DVD reissue from Camp Motion Pictures with a fresh 1.78:1 transfer that easily outclasses the full frame version on the first disc. If you're a fan of the film, it's a pretty major upgrade" - Mondo Digital

"funny as hell!" - Beneath the

Melbourne Underground Film Festival (Australia, July 2001; winner Most Gratuitous Violence award)
Rojo Sangre Festival - Sección panorama bizarre (Argentina, November 2004)
Horror Fiesta (Poland, November 2004)
Fright-Fest (Georgia, USA Oct. 2003)
Festival Cinencuadre (Argentina, December, 2002)
Clair-Obscur Film Festival (Switzerland, December 2001)
Halloween FilmFest  (Germany, October, 2001)
Planet Indie Film Festival of Toronto (Canada, September, 2001)
Millennium Scientific Film Festival (Hungary, June 2001)
Cinenygma International Film Festival (Luxembourg, March 2001)
Belgrade International Film Festival (Yugoslavia,  Feb. 2001)
Bangkok International Film Festival (Thailand, Sept. 2000)
Estepona Festival of Fantasy and Terror Films (Spain, Sept 2000, winner best soundtrack)
Sci-Fi Channel's Exposure Film Festival (NYC, August 2000)
Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (Korea, July 2000)
Fantasporto International Film Festival (Portugal, March 2000)
Nat Film Festival (Denmark, March 2000)
Brussels Festival Of Fantasy Films (Belgium, March 2000)
New Filmmakers Series (NYC, Oct. ‘99)
São Paulo International Film Festival (Brazil, Oct. ‘99)
Sitges Festival Of Fantasy Films (Spain, Oct. ‘99)
Fantastisk Film Festival (Sweden, Sept. ‘99)
Helsinki Film Festival (Finland, Sept. ’99, runner-up for audience award)

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November 10, 2015




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1999 / 88 mins. / Horror-Comedy / Color / Unrated / 1.66:1, 16x9 / Region 0 / English SPECIAL FEATURES: Audio Commentary w/ Director Brian O’Hara; Rock n Roll Frankenstein Trailer; Rock n Roll Frankenstein Music Video; Behind Rock n Roll Frankenstein Featurette; Trailer Vault