The Prince and the Nature Girl (DVD)

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Trash film-maker extraordinaire Doris Wishman’s final and most sought-after entry in the Nudist Exploitation genre, presented in its original 1:33.1 aspect ratio!
An attractive and successful businessman named Prince takes an interest in the blond half of a pair of newly hired identical twins. The girls, Eve and Sue, are polar opposites – Eve, the blonde, is lazy and uninhibited while Sue, the brunette, is hardworking and demure. Captivated by Eve, Prince is over the moon when he runs into her that weekend at his favorite nudist camp. A light flirtation ensues, with neither realizing that stay-at-home Sue is helplessly in love. When Eve leaves to attend a friend’s wedding, Sue embarks upon a deception that will change their lives forever.
This fascinating mash-up of classic fairytale and nudist exploitation genre could only come from the febrile imagination of cult filmmaker Doris Wishman.  Sourced from the only known 35mm print, this first-ever DVD transfer includes a brand-new English dialog track, commentary with filmmakers Michael Raso and John Fedele with Doris Wishman biographer Michael Bowen, liner notes booklet, trailers and short films.

“pure Wishman” and “a significant title in her overall body of work” (Michael Bowen)

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September 12, 2017



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53 mins / 4x3 / 2.0 Stereo / Extras: Atomic TV Segment - 5 min Nature Girl short subject film - 14 min Nudism short subject film - 11 min Rock Lodge Nudist Camp short subject film - 15 min Hideout in the Sun trailer - 2 min Liner Notes Booklet / Essay by Wishman biographer Michael Bowen