Poetic Seduction: The Dead Student Society (DVD)

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Slow-witted Nikko (Joseph Anthony) and drop-dead-gorgeous Nora (Roxanne Michaels) do not share a typical sibling relationship...the result of a traumatic childhood experience. She is a calculating, cold-blooded serial killer and he is her voyeuristic accomplice. Posing as a professor of literature, Nora tempts young students (Tina Krause, Misty Mundae) into her lair, seducing them with sensual and erotic poetry. But this extra-curricular poetic society quickly turns into gruesome acts of torture and murder. As the brother/sister duo continue in their homicidal ways, one student who suspects the grisly goings-on must put an end to the terrifying madness or fall victim to Nora\'s hot and poisonous charms.

DVD Features Include: - Extended MISTY MUNDAE scene - Extended ROXANNE MICHAELS scene - Conrad Brooks Interview - VIDEO OUTLAW trailers




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