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Night Terrors delivers three gore-filled tales of shock and terror that critics are calling “hardcore on the gore” and a “throwback to the VHS days of Horror Anthologies” –

A resentful older sister fills her brother's head with bizarre tales of terror, blood-soaked memories and nightmares of perversion after learning that she must baby-sit and miss a party.  In “Massacre on 34th Street,” a deranged killer dressed as Santa Claus slaughters a houseful of squatter punks who don’t appreciate the holiday. In “Baby Killer,, a distraught professor performs illegal experiments on victims in an attempt to save his dying daughter. And in “Abstinence,” a horrifying flesh eating STD quickly spreads through a college campus.


Official Selection Indie Horror Film Festival

“very creepshow-ish” and “strangely entertaining” –
“a really well done anthology horror film with every story, including the wraparound, being good tales, interesting and suspenseful.”  -

"a fun party flick" -

"Massacre on 34th Street" feels the most true-to-period of the three shorts, and is unsurprisingly the best. Its no-nonsense plot and copious gore definitely harken back to the 80s heyday of VHS horror, where unrated cuts of gorefest flicks were the thing to look out for. Add in the "holiday spirit" aspect and overall the story delivers in both horror and nostalgia" - DVDVerdict 

"ambitious and fun, with gore, the occasional naked lady, some images that push the boundaries of good taste, and some nice direction" -

"gory kills, puke, body reveals, and a Santa that just won’t seem to die! Fricking awesome" - Boys, Bears and Scares

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November 25, 2014




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91 mins / Horror / Color / Not Rated / 16x9 / Region 0 / English SPECIAL FEATURES: Outtakes, Extras, Trailer Vault