MurderDrome (DVD)

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A romantic rivalry turns into supernatural terror as roller derby sensation Cherry Skye unwittingly raises a demon murderess from hell.  Trapped between the demon’s wrath and the Gates of Hell, Skye has no option but to throw down and sort out this mess in the only way she knows how: in the rink known as The MurderDrome! 

Equal parts slasher-film, action flick and romantic comedy, director Daniel Armstrong’s love letter to ‘80s cinema will have you chanting in your seats, “Welcome to the MurderDrome!”

"a marvelously messy and weird little exploitation horror movie!" -

 "a slasher movie straight out of the 80s" -

"Successfully combines Roller Derby, comedy and horror to great effect, recalling the more quirky horror films of the eighties" -

"looks good, has great music, some good gags, some good kills, and some quotable one-liners" -

"A movie about Roller Derby, blood, gore, exploitation, fighting women and shot in a style reminiscent of 1970’s Grindhouse flicks, MurderDrome has it all." -

"Rockabilly ozploitation is a blood diamond in the Australian under bush with kangaroo pouches full of ocker comedy and skater mayhem." -




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September 9, 2014




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72 mins, 16x9, 2.0 stereo, Extras: gag reel, Visual Effects Breakdown, Music Videos by Kidcrusher, Strawberry Fistcake, The Dark Shadows, The Mercy Kills and Thorn Within