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An authorized MOD DVD-R available exclusively from the archives of Seduction Cinema Studios! 
Sought after as one of Misty Mundae’s most sensuous films is MISTY’S SECRET, an early Mundae work shot in Paris and New York during the production of AN EROTIC VAMPIRE IN PARIS (2000), co-starring Tina Krause, and introducing to the screen Ruby LaRocca! MISTY’S SECRET (2000) stars MISTY MUNDAE, TINA KRAUSE, RUBY LaROCCA (as Esmerelda Dellarocco)  Misty is sexually awakened by her sultry roommate (Tina Krause) leading to a sensual and naughty bathing encounter. Meanwhile, neighbor Ruby (Ruby LaRocca) teases those who gaze at her window by doing an erotic strip-tease! This erotically-charged fan favorite has been OUT OF PRINT and is only now available.  VAMPIRE’S SEDUCTION (1998) stars TINA KRAUSE, CHELSEA MUNDAE (as DAISY DeWRIGHT), DEBBIE ROCHON Hunted down by Dracula’s daughter and promised a taste of her profane, yet ample charms, Wally Van Helsing is seduced into becoming a mindless servant that seeks out delectable women to deliver to her lair. But Wally is side-tracked by his voyeuristic activities, eavesdropping on ultra-arousing lesbian encounters including an intimate schoolgirl menage-a-trois, a psychiatrist living out a torrid fantasy with her female patient, and a wet-n-steamy shower scene with a hot lotion massage. Each time he is punished by Dracula’s daughter, and only after a spectral visitation from his great-great-grandfather does Wally attempt to put an end to her unearthly lust for female flesh and bring honor once more to the Van Helsing name. VAMPIRE’S SEDUCTION contains what Seduction Cinema fans have noted as THE HOTTEST SCENE - an ultra-naughty menage-a-trois featuring the studio’s debut of CHELSEA MUNDAE (SIN SISTERS, SWEDISH WILDCATS). Showcasing gorgeous women, enticing encounters, and quirky humor, VAMPIRE’S SEDUCTION is an all-out erotic extravaganza that will leave you drained!




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1998, 2000 / 165 mins. TRT / Erotic Horror / Color / Not Rated / All Region / English SPECIAL FEATURES: Inside Tina: Tina Krause Interview; Vampire’s Seduction Outtakes and Bloopers; Vampire’s Seduction Trailer; Seduction Cinema Trailer Vault