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FREE with purchase of Mistress Frankenstein DVD-R: 12” x 18” Mistress Frankenstein Limited Edition poster

Considered by fans as one of the most uproarious Seduction Cinema films ever made, this long out-of-print favorite is now an authorized MOD DVD-R available exclusively from the archives of Seduction Cinema Studios!

Her Man-made Lust Cannot be Satisfied!
The beautiful, sexually repressed Baroness Helena Frankenstein has been killed in a tragic horse-riding accident. Now it is up to her husband Victor - great, great grandson of the infamous ghoulmaker - to give Helena a new brain and bring her back to life. But the new brain comes from a lesbian nymphomaniac, and it turns the revived Helena into a rampaging, sex-starved monster who must have her way with every woman she meets. At first repulsed by the evil seductress, each delicious victim eventually submits to Helena's insatiable female lust.  Soon, however, the townspeople of Karlstadt learn of Dr. Frankenstein's sexy and diabolical new creation, and they set out to destroy her. But gorgeous women making love has a way of melting the hearts of even the angriest mob…




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2000 / 115 mins. / Erotica / Color / Not Rated / 4x3 / Region 0 / English SPECIAL FEATURES: Mistress Frankenstein Behind-the-scenes (50 mins.); Outtakes; Home Video Reel – The Producer’s Personal Video View; Seduction Cinema Trailer Vault