Millennium Crisis

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A violent alien race known as the Kluduthu initiate widespread terrorist attacks against the Andromedeans, but their secret weapon is much more devastating. It is called a "Bloodmask" -- legendary descendant of a chameleon-like race of humanoids. On a distant planet, such a creature has been discovered. Her name is Aurora, but she knows nothing of her powers until a vicious android takes her to the ancient planet where it all began. If the Kluduthu succeed in turning Aurora into one of them, they cannot be stopped from launching an intergalactic massacre. Braidwood Films presents a Pandora Machine Production an Andrew Bellware film Clare Stevenson, Ato Essandoh, Olja Hrustic, Ted Raimi with Daryl Boling and Lindsey Roberts Produced by Laura Schlachtmeyer and Andrew Bellware, Executive Producer Tamara Gorski Written by Laura Schlachtmeyer, Andrew Bellware, Anthony Litton Based on a Story by Laura Schlachtmeyer Art Directors Ben Sulzbach and Michael Kessel Lighting Directors Mitchell Riggs and Blair Johnson Production Sound Tony Kenner Music by Aaron Paul Low Visual Effects Director Maduka Steady Directed by Andrew Bellware DVD Release Date 01/29/2008

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January 29, 2008




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