Lust In Space

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SEDUCTION CINEMA presents The year is 2069, and three female space explorers are traveling back through time to November 1999. Their mission: attempt to find a cure for the “Erotic Witch” plague of seduction and orgiastic debauchery that has engulfed the Earth, decimated the planet, and lead civilization to the brink of destruction. Once on Earth and exposed to the supernatural, supersensual disease, will the timetraveling beauties be able to rescue the world from erotically charged crazies, or will their pent-up lust for one another spell certain for the world…and them too? The final exciting installment in Seduction Cinema\'s popular The Erotic Witch Project series takes the sensual adventure to the farthest reaches of outer space...and beyond the infinite! Lust in Space is the newest film from popular cult erotica director and Seduction Cinema legend John Bacchus (Gladiator Eroticus, Play-mate of the Apes). It stars SC favorites Darian Caine & AJ Khan, the delectable Bethany Lott, and luscious newcomers Jackie Stevens & Alexia Moore. DVD Features: - Behind the Scene Doc - Interview with Producer Michael Raso - Interview with Jackie Stevens and Alexia Moore - Featurette with StarsJackie & Alexia - Seduction Cinema Trailer Vault




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