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Unavailable Since 2008, This Early Misty Mundae/Factory 2000 Erotic Horror Film Stars a Fully Wrapped Mummy and a Fully Unwrapped Misty!  It's now an authorized MOD DVD-R available exclusively from the archives of Seduction Cinema Studios! 

Delectable nymph and university student Misty Mundae is on holiday at her father’s estate. Following a sensual and luxurious morning shower, Misty makes a shocking discovery. There, in a secret study, is the remains of the mummy I-Hop-Shank, recently stolen from the City Museum.  Unable to curb her naughty girlish curiosity, Misty begins caressing the ages-dead mummy hoping that her young and lustful vigor will bring it back to life. Soon Misty is aroused to the breaking point, but she cannot believe her eyes when I-Hop-Shank awakens, drawing his first breath in millennia. Revived by the virginal, pleasure-flushed beauty before him, the mummy musters his strength and lumbers after Misty. He must have her! Barely escaping hisclumsy advances, Misty learns that the study also hides a voluptuous Egyptian princess - 100% alive and 110% in need of Misty’s scrumptious body.Always wanting to study Ancient Civilizations in a more intimate and hands-on way, Misty “jumps” at the opportunity…and female eroticism has never been explored so thoroughly. 




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2001 / 100 mins. / Erotica / Color / Not Rated / 4x3 / Region 0 / English SPECIAL FEATURES: Bonus Erotic Featurette The Vibrating Maid (the Naughty Cut) Starring Misty Mundae; “Virgin Clips: My First Film Roles” Showcases Clips from Misty’s First Film Appearances in I Was A Teenage Strangler, Poetic Seduction, and TITanic 2000; Lust in the Mummy’s Tomb and Vibrating Maid Outtakes; Misty Trailers