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FREE with purchase of Lust for Dracula Unrated DVD-R: Lust for Dracula MPAA R-rated DVD + 22"x32" poster + Lust for Dracula actress Andrea Davis 8"x10"

Its original 2004 “Unrated Version” DVD release out-of-print since 2009, Seduction Cinema and cult director Tony Marsiglia’s erotic reinterpretation of the classic story Dracula is now an authorized MOD DVD-R available exclusively from the archives of Seduction Cinema Studios!

Mina Harker (Misty Mundae) isn’t the happiest of Hollywood Hills wives – even though she’s married to wealthy pharmaceuticals magnate Jonathan Harker (Julian Wells).  The repressed Mina longs for Jonathan’s love and the happiness a child would bring them, yet the arrival of the beautiful and mysterious Dracula (Darian Caine) - seductive vampire servants at her side - will change their lives forever.  Dracula offers Mina the existence she so desperately craves - one that is immediately threatened by Mina’s sister, Dr. Abigail Van Helsing (Shelly Jones).  Van Helsing seeks to not only destroy the monstrous vampire but covet Mina’s seemingly perfect life and husband Jonathan, too.  As these troubled characters move ever closer toward their destinies and a final battle with Dracula, blood will be spilled, souls will be destroyed, and true love will become undying. 

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2004 / 157 mins. / Erotic Horror / Color / Unrated / Region 0 / English SPECIAL FEATURES: Commentary with Director Tony Marsiglia and Producer Michael Raso; Behind-the-scenes Documentary; Interview with Misty Mundae; Short Film “Insex” Directed By Tim Friend; Making of “Insex”; Seduction Cinema, Retro Seduction Cinema, and Shock-O-Rama Cinema Trailer Vaults