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FREE with purchase of Lord of the G-Strings Unrated "Hot Cut" DVD:  22" x 32" poster - Smirnoff the Wizard 8"x10" - PLEASE NOTE THAT ALTHOUGH THE PHOTO SHOWS A DVD OF THE "R" CUT OF THE FILM, THIS IS OUT OF PRINT AND NOT INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE

In the mythical realm of Diddle Earth, diminutive yet delectable Throbbit Bildo Saggins (Misty Mundae) is sent by Smirnoff the Wizard to destroy the legendary G-String - most powerful weapon in the land. The G-String was forged by the ancient villainess Horspank (Paige Richards), and those who possess the slinky and sexy under-garment experience supreme invincibility…and untold sensual pleasures. Bildo is accompanied on her dangerous mission by fellow Throbbits Hornee (Darian Caine) and Spam (A.J. Khan) - both small of stature but big of erotic appetite. Together this courageous and curvaceous threesome trek far and wide throughout the territory of Diddle Earth, evading the Dorc forces of the evil wizard Sourasse and finding safety only in one another's arms. Along the treacherous path, Bildo and company also meet up with a fearless fighter - the dethroned Queen Araporn (Barbara Joyce) - who joins their quest to Party-Pooper Volcano, the only place where the G-String can be destroyed. Amidst rampaging desires and female fantasies made flesh, Bildo must be wary of Ballem, a hideous creature who desires the G-String and will stop at nothing in his mad quest to have it. J.R.R. Bacchus presents a Terry M. West film, Lord of the G-Strings: Femaleship of the String - an epic erotic adventure pitting good against evil, small against big, beautiful against ugly and hot against 100% smokin'!




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2002 / 260 mins. / Erotic Spoof / Color / Unrated and R rated / Region 0 / English SPECIAL FEATURES: Behind-the scenes; Lord of the G-Strings Documentary; Outtakes; Music Video; Seduction Cinema Trailer Vault