Lizardman (DVD)

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 Sharknado Meets Creature From the Black Lagoon as a Ferocious Lizard Man Terrorizes Los Angeles   Haunted by a terrifying incident in his past, billionaire Bill Hansen seeks revenge by capturing his nemesis - the scaly crypto-creature known as the Lizardman. Enlisting a team of mercenaries and a television personality, Bill sets out to prove to the world that the Lizardman really exists.  But when the creature breaks lose at a press conference, all plans are off as the bloodthirsty monster wreaks havoc on the city of Los Angeles.   

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May 13, 2014




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2012 / 82 mins. (95 mins. trt) / Horror / Color / Not Rated / Region 0 / English / 2.0 Stereo SPECIAL FEATURES: - Trailer Vault