John Holmes Unreleased Films Grindhouse Double Feature (DVD)

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AFTER HOURS CINEMA invites you to take another look at the early career of John Holmes. It's AFTER HOURS CINEMA'S JOHN HOLMES UNRELEASED GRINDHOUSE DOUBLE FEATURE! Two obscure West coast adult features starring an uncredited John Holmes; who in years to come would emerge the indelible legend of the XXX industry.

OLE! (1971)
A visiting matador gets a sleazy reception from his weird fan club. Arrogant famous matador Juan Gerardo uses the power of hypnosis to transform a party into an orgy.
 (Starring John Holmes, Susan Westcott, Judy Angel, Gerard Broulard, Lynn Holmes, Sheldon Lee)

Before you can shout, "Sexual harassment!", John Holmes' big dick is out! - and so is everything you thought you knew about office politics! Various employees at a business company engage in all kinds of hanky panky.
 (Starring John Holmes, Rick Cassidy)

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November 1, 2016



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