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Wild Game Can Also Be Human…

Every town has its secrets. During one terrifying night, Gloster, Louisiana, lets its darkest one out.  Deep in the woods of southern Louisiana, a masked killer stalks members of a local hunting club. As blood trails begin to connect the victims, police deputy Ned Annison finds himself caught in the middle, pursued by both the killer and the town sheriff, who believes Ned is the man responsible.  Always one step ahead, Ned works to stop the killer and clear his name, only to find that some friendships end in blood.

" more closely akin to '70s horror films than many of the throwback efforts in recent oddly likable shaggy dog of a slasher film with a distinct personality of its own" - Mondo Digital

"a lot of heart...without a doubt one of the best slasher flicks that I have seen in a very long time" - Horror

"the low budget grit, creepy score and overall atmosphere lend this one a strong 70s/80s drive-in flavor. One feels like the movie is channeling a bit of Herb (Graduation Day) Freed’s obscure small-town horror Haunts and a dose of S.F. Brownrigg (Don’t Look in the Basement, Don’t Open the Door)" - The Blood Shed

"a solid ensemble piece, every character getting their due. Recommended" - Really Awful Movies

"engrossing despite itself. Horrific elements and bloody killings seem just an aspect of life in this Southern town, things that happen while regular folk are on their way to the tavern" - DVD Talk

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January 26, 2016




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2014 / 127 mins. / Horror / Color / Not Rated / 1.78:1 (16x9) / Region 0 / English