Gladiator Eroticus (DVD)

The Year is 284 A.D. Beautiful and powerful Roman General Eroticvs has just vanquished her latest enemy with superior forces, cunning warfare, and body-weakening lesbian seductions. Fading Emperor Gluteus Maximus wishes for the popular Eroticvs to lead Rome into a new democratic era, but his spineless son Dickus Minimus will not give up the throne so easily. Arrested, savagely seduced, then left for the vultures, Eroticvs vows revenge. Taken into slavery, she must first survive the sensual rigors of becoming the most feared and least clothed female gladiator. The ultimate lesbian warrior!

Stars Darian Caine, Misty Mundae, Debbie Rochon.
DVD Includes: - Uncut Feature - Behind the Scenes Doc - Interviews with Debbie Rochon - Interviews with Misty Mundae - Full Color Booklet




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