Girls Girls Girls Of The 1970s Grindhouse Five Film Collection (DVD)

 A Saucy, Sleazy and Sinfully Delicious Five-Film Sexploitation Extravaganza from the Early 1970s!  

Includes the Outrageous Classics:

The Sexpert (1972) – Enjoy the comic-genius of ultra-horny, mega-nerd Finster as he stumbles and fumbles his way through wacky and lascivious encounters with sexy strippers, farmer’s daughters, housewives and virgins.  What will it take for Finster to figure out what women really want?  Apparently, the orgy of the century!  Featuring super-stars of early ‘70s adult cinema Rene Bond, Lilli Foster and Sandi Carey.

This incredible set also features the classic grindhouse gems The Picture Book of Love, Ski Party, Leid in Hawaii, and School of Love  

Release Date: 

May 4, 2010




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