Feeding The Masses (DVD)

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a SHOCK-O-RAMA CINEMA release of a RICHARD GRIFFIN film Sinking its teeth into the rotting flesh of our paranoid times, Feeding the Masses is a biting social commentary and a vicious, brutal and apocalyptic zombie film directed by Richard Griffin and written by Trent Haaga (American Nightmare, Citizen Toxie IV). In a nation dominated by mass media manipulation, rampant consumerism and a brainwashing government, a zombie epidemic known as the Lazarus Virus is bringing the recently deceased back to life. As the dead feed upon the living, Channel 5 TV News feeds its audience a false picture of the danger, death and doom that is close at hand. The station\'s lead anchorwoman learns of a government-mandated broadcast blackout of all walking dead news and live footage, so she enlists the help of her trusted cameraman and a demented military guard to spread the word any way they can. With the truth on their side and flesh-hungry monsters gathering in numbers and strength, the trio must warn unsuspecting citizens about the nightmare at their doorsteps…before it\'s too late. News at 11… DVD CONTENTS AT-A-GLANCE: - FEEDING THE MASSES(2005) Feature - COMMENTARY by Director Richard Griffin and Actor Billy Garberina - BEHIND-THE-SCENES Documentary - SHORT FILMS "Voltagen" and "Hypostatic Union" by Duane Graves and Justin Meeks - SHOCK-O-RAMA Trailer Vault

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