Feeding the Masses Horror Collection (DVD)

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Sink Your Teeth into the Rotting Flesh of our Paranoid Times with This Monstrous 4-Film Collection of Ravenous Flesh-Eating Zombies, Blood-Thirsty Vampires and Rampaging Werewolves!

Feeding The Masses -

In a nation dominated by mass media manipulation, rampant consumerism and a brainwashing government, a zombie epidemic known as the Lazarus Virus is bringing the recently deceased back to life.  Bloody-Disgusting.com sez, “ …a very sophisticated zombie film…deeply intelligent and incredibly engaging”

Creature From the Hillbilly Lagoon

Following a toxic spill, science students are set upon by insane and inbred locals.  Little do they know their greatest threat is a hulking humanoid borne of radioactive mutation ascending from the inky blackness of the lagoon!

Necroville -

Fired from their jobs as video store clerks, two Slackers must wage war on the living dead just to earn a living wage in a town overrun by Zombies, Vampires and Werewolves.  Called “highly entertaining” by Fangoria Magazine

Splatter Disco

The Den O’ Iniquity is not your typical dance-club.  When the city council threatens to shut it down for acts of perversion, a serial killer begins targeting club patrons and employees, brutally murdering anyone that gets in the way.  Starring Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead) and Lynn Lowry (The Crazies)

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July 13, 2010




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