Feast Of Flesh, A (DVD)

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Bloody Earth Films presents a modern-day tale of vampirism that pulsates with violence, eroticism and throat-ripping bloodlust…in a world where the forces of good and evil are not easily distinguished. FEAST OF FLESH features performances by Amy Lynn Best, Zoë Hunter, Sofiya Smirnova and cameos by horror veteran Debbie Rochon (Tromeo and Juliet) and April "Chainsaw Sally" Burril. For generations an uneasy cease-fire has existed between the beautiful, blood-drinking prostitutes of Bathory House and a band of vampire-hunting mercenaries sworn to destroy them should any townspeople be killed or "turned." But now a young woman wanting a new life has given herself body, blood and soul to Bathory\'s Madame, and there will be hell to pay - and plenty of it. A failed rescue by the woman\'s boyfriend leaves several locals dead and their flesh devoured by the undead hookers. The slaughter sets in motion a horrifying chain of events that can have only one conclusion…all-out war between human monster and vampire beast. DVD Contents: - A FEAST OF FLESH Feature Film - COMMENTARY with producer Amy Lynn Best and director Mike Watt - MAKING OF Reel - GAG Reel - Bloody Earth SHORT FILM SHOWCASE: A FEAST OF SOULS directed by Josh Smith - Bloody Earth Films PREVIEWS




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