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Violated, Victimized, Violated   Fame Has Its Price…   When a drug-fueled spiral of degradation culminates in extreme bondage and pornography, aspiring model Mercedes reflects upon the childhood dreams and insecurities that informed her desperate choices.  Gritty, graphic and disturbing, Exploited titillates while it exposes, examining our obsession with fame and challenging our notions of consent and free will.  Featuring adult legend Ron Jeremy and introducing Mercedes as the naïve and glamour-struck young woman who hits rock bottom before discovering true self-esteem and redemption.   2010 / 102 mins. / Color/ Not Rated / 4x3 / Region 0 / English   SPECIAL FEATURES: - Exploited Deleted Scenes                    - Ron Jeremy’s Magic Trick                  - Photo Slideshow                                  - Independent Entertainment Trailer Vault     "Smashing! “Exploited” is low-key, intelligent and shocking. It’s a classic cautionary tale brought to the modern age." – Corazine.com   <a href=”http://www.corazine.com/2011/08/exploited-independent-entertainment/#mor... a>  




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