Euro-sex Comedy Collection (DVD)

Secret Key, the label who brought you the BAVARIAN SEX COMEDY COLLECTION, now delivers a second set of sexy stories from accross the pond! A must-have for collectors of classic erotica, this four-feature, 2-DVD set also includes vintage promo spots, trailers and concession ads

Pussycat Syndrome - Busty beauty Gloria (Tina Eklund) and Donna (Ajita Wilson of SADOMANIA) travel to Greece for a photo shoot and end up finding love – but not before they make whoopee with sexy singles and a swinging couple!

The Sinful Bed - 100 years in the service of love! An antique bed relates passionate stories about the couples who’ve slept in it over the years.

The Exhibitionists - Elaborate costumes and live sex shows distinguish this uniquely erotic drama starring Ajita Wilson

Love Camp - The stunning Laura Gemser (Black Emmanuelle) is the leader of a cult whose “free love” credo – and handsome blond boyfriend - attracts the interest of a senator’s daughter.

DVD Features: - Secret Key’s Exclusive GRIND IT! Button Delivers An Authentic Grindhouse Experience to Your Living Room. - Watch Retro Trailers, - Theater Promos, - A Feature Film and More, Over 3 Hours Non-Stop GRINDHOUSE on Each Disc! - Four-feature Collection - Secret Key Trailer Vault = Over SIX Hours of Entertainment! - Contents Never-Before-Available on DVD! DVD Release Date: April 7, 2009

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April 7, 2009




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