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Erotic Survivor is a voyeuristic game decided by wits, willpower and wild eroticism as two teams stranded in a remote tropical forest battle the elements and themselves to see who will come out on top and win the million dollar Grand Prize. For the all-girl team that quickly discovers it\'s made up of full-blooded, hot-bodied lesbians, you can be sure each of them will wind up "on top"… several times! That\'s because their competitions are performed on one another - with taut, writhing bodies and eager, sensual mouths forming the kinds of alliances you\'ll never see on TV. And unlike the other team that strives to win, these girls strive to sin, and their uncensored, uninhibited teamwork will likely turn the next tribal council into a steamy orgiastic ritual!




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2001 / 150 mins TRT / Erotic Spoof / Color / Not Rated / Region 0 / English SPECIAL FEATURES: BEHIND-THE-SCENES documentary - An Intimate Interview with Darian Caine - Full Color Booklet