Erotic Survivor 2 (DVD)

It's two times the skill, two times the scheming, two times the stamina, and two times the steamy seductions as two all-female tribes compete for the grandest prize of all - one another!

Six sexy beauties square off and bare all on the sweltering plains of the African Savanna, competing against each other in even hotter challenges that will make one of them a winner. But between competitions, the girls find themselves indulging every untamed urge, erotic alliance, and lustful lesbian desire that will make winners of them all! And sinners of them all, too, because these insatiable lovelies really know how to break the rules of the gameā€¦in all the right ways. They\'ll set the continent and each other on fire, and reality TV will never see this kind of uncensored action again.

DVD Includes: - UNCUT feature film - BEHIND-THE-SCENES! Check out the sexy and funny goings-on during the filming of EROTIC SURVIVOR 2 - SEDUCTION CINEMA TRAILERS! Coming attractions to other Seduction Cinema DVDs




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