Erotic Horror Triple Feature: G-string Vampire, Muffy The Vampire Slayer, Hot Vampire Nights

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Luscious lesbian vampires bare their fangs and expose all other body parts in Secret Key Motion Pictures’ Erotic Horror Triple Feature. These horny, unholy, uninhibited, undead honies won’t sleep a wink all night long…and neither will you! G-String Vampire When luscious Countess Dracula infiltrates a Miami Beach strip club and has her way with its stable of exotic go-go dancers, global domination by female vampires cannot be far behind. The task of saving the world has fallen into the hands of a secret society of voluptuous vampire hunters whose strategy for vampire extermination is carried out by a beautiful band of warriors known as Seers. Muffy the Vampire Slayer Only the most delectable call girls are her victims. First, she seduces them - taking their taut, writhing bodies to exhausted heights of pleasure. Then, gasping in ecstasy, they offer themselves to her...forever! Her name is Lette, and she’s a big-breasted vampire with an insatiable hunger for drop-dead gorgeous women. Lette is being hunted down by a sexually unfulfilled undercover policewoman who quickly finds herself seduced by the darkly alluring and mysterious vampire. Hot Vampire Nights Mina (Shelly Jones/Lust for Dracula, Playboy Video star) is a vampire cruising the streets of Miami in search of fresh, young victims. Mina’s hot, she’s sexy, and she drips with sensual evil…and she’s only satisfied by the taste of another woman. From the downtown strip joints to the night clubs of South Beach, Mina seeks out long-legged, hard-bodied vixens to satisfy her ultra-erotic appetite. Disk 1 Features: - Bloopers - "Say Hello To Barbie Leigh" - Trailer Vault. Disk 2 Features: - Interview w/ Shelley Jones - Shelley\'s Strip Tease - Trailer Vault DVD Release Date: July 8, 2008

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July 8, 2008




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