Erotic Horror Double Feature Witches Of Breastwick (DVD)

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Producer Jim Wynorski (House on Hooter Hill, Breastford Wives) offers up a hot double feature with a two heaping helping of soft-core sensuality in these ultra sexy thrillers starring Stormy Daniels, Monique Parent, Glori-Anne Gilbert and Julie K. Smith.

David Carter is haunted by a recurring dream-turned-nightmare in which three mysterious women seduce him in an orgy of steamy eroticism, and then kill him at the moment of climax. David and his wife Tiffany (Monique Parent) are able to locate the forested landscape he has seen so vividly each night, but they also stumble upon an isolated home inhabited by three luscious witches Lola (Julie K. Smith), Rebecca (Glori-Anne Gilbert), and Felicia (Stormy Daniels).

This special double feature DVD includes the sequel “Witches of Breastwick Part 2” – available for the first time on DVD!

DVD Features:

  • Witches of Breastwick feature film
  • Witches of Breastwick commentary with producer Jim Wynorski and star Glori-Anne Gilbert
  • Witches of Breastwick 2 feature film
  • Witches of Breastwick 2 commentary with producer Jim Wynorski
  • Trailer Vault of other releases

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April 7, 2009




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