EDGAR ALLAN POE DOUBLE FEATURE (The Tell-Tale Heart / The Oval Portrait) (DVD)

Two stylish and original adaptations of classic Edgar Allan Poe tales of terror, newly telecined from the theatrical film elements and featuring exclusive liner notes by noted film historian and author Tim Lucas (Video Watchdog magazine)  

The Tell-Tale Heart (1960) Themes of voyeurism and unrequited love compliment Poe’s superb tale of insanity and murder in this grim and suspenseful interpretation by Ernest Morris.  Starring Laurence Payne and Adrienne Corri (Hammer’s Vampire Circus) and written by Brian Clemens (“The Avengers”).    

The Oval Portrait (1972) Poe’s suspenseful and darkly romantic tale of an artist whose love for a portrait kills the sitter is embellished into a generations-old curse set in the Civil War era.  Featuring a score by Les Baxter (Corman’s Fall of the House of Usher).

Exclusive liner notes by acclaimed film historian and author Tim Lucas (Video Watchdog magazine)  




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